Banki microhydropower plant



  • Design, manufacturing and implementation of small hydropower plants - simple or assisted for the entire range of flow rates and downfalls

   - can be mounted on rivers that can provide a flow rate of at least 5 liters / sec for a downfall of at least 3 m, or 0.5 liters / sec at a downfall of at least 10 m;

   - turbine installation does not require laborious set up for collection;

   - may be used in a natural or artificial waterfall of a river and includes the main advantages compared to other energy sources;

   - power generated by the turbine shaft can be in the range 5 ... 1000 kW;

   - using the power control system, the turbine efficiency is kept at high values (0.75 ... 0.80) throughout the whole operating system, turbine efficiency for low flow rates and downfalls up to 80% for the entire range of flow control action. For medium and high flow rates turbines the efficiency can reach at 80%;

   - turbine shaft - generator connection can be a direct one (with appropriate design of hydrodynamic profiles) or reducer gear;

   - generator rotor speed at 1,000 rpm;

  • Design and manufacture of complex mechanical systems
  • Design and implementation of technologies for composite structures in vacuum (VARTM)

   - design & calculus of the fiber architecture inside the composite to ensure maximum strength;

   - composite parts manufacturing (glass fiber/carbon fabric embedded in epoxy resin) by using "out of autoclave" technologies  with high volume fraction;

  • Technical assistance and design coordination
  • Professional consulting
  • Mechanical & vibration calculus
  • Strength and fatigue calculus   - by using finite element method.
  • Feasibility Studies

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