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 Financing Agreement for Execution Research Projects No. 206/2012

Financing: State budget

 Name of PN II Program: Partnerships in Priority Areas

 Project Title: Raising performances lightweight panels with a new design optimized for advanced aircraft structures. http://www.panouri-compozite-aviatie.ro/

Coordontor: Universitatea POLITEHNICA din Bucuresti - Applied Mechanics Research Center,

Partners: P1 - SC STRAERO SA, www.straero.ro

P2 - University Politehnica Timisoara, http://www.upt.ro/

P3 - INAS SA, http://www.inas.ro/


´╗┐Project presentation:

The HIPEAS project has a theme of great practical interest. Its objectives are aiming towards the design of aircraft panels, made of metal and composite material, flat and curved, with improved performances. The proposal is innovative and based on the following ideas: 

- Identification of new mechanical interconnection solutions for the skins, using elements that cross the core of the sandwich, which are simpler, more efficient and cheaper than those currently in use. Skins interconnection is more convenient in the case of rigid polymeric foam core. Thus, the risk of delamination is reduced and this procedure is expected to increase the rigidity and resistance of the designed panels

 Evaluation of the properties of some sandwich panels having an ultralight core, spatially folded. An increase of their performances with respect to the honeycomb core sandwiches is expected

- The proposal and evaluation of simple solutions as to achieve constructive orthotropic panels with increased carrying capacity, having double or triple core. By choosing the materials and the component geometry the mechanical properties will be conveniently changed from one layer to another

- The proposal of hybrid assembly solutions (structural adhesives and mechanical fastening) of sandwich plates having the core and skins made of dissimilar materials

- The use of prefabricated and commercially available materials, such that the costs of the designing, manufacturing and homologation of the designed panels will be minimized

- Development of procedures for simulating the mechanical response of the panels, using homogenization method for a more simple and efficient design process

The main objectives concerning the manufacturing of new products having better characteristics are stated as follows:

- Study concerning the design approaches, materials and manufacturing technologies for lightweight panels used in aircraft structures. New constructive solutions are proposed.

- Static and cyclic testing of some joints for the characterization of the behavior of structural adhesives at ambient temperature, low and high temperature, in the range -50 oC to +150 oC.

- 3D parametric modeling for linear and nonlinear analysis in order to characterize the plane sandwich panel proposed for evaluation. Optimizations.

- 3D parametric modeling and analysis for the evaluation of the variants of curved sandwich panel proposed for studying. Optimizations.  

- Fabrication of the experimental models for both plane and curved sandwich panels and their testing.

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